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Bow Hunting in Texas

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Bow hunting in is a primitive sport that our ancestors used to survive. With this exciting and challenging sport, you can relax from your busy lifestyle. After a successful hunt, you can enjoy a fresh wild game meal. Cactus Creek Bow hunting Ranch has been offering affordable archery hog and exotic animal hunts for 20 years. It is located one hour Southeast of downtown San Antonio, in Nixon, Texas. There is a variety of exotic animals available to hunting. If there is a specific exotic trophy animal that you are interested in, contact us and we will do our best to make that animal available on the ranch. Our hospitality services will make you feel right at home. Our prime goal is to give the best hunting experience to the customers and many memories to cherish for life time.

What makes Cactus Creek Bowhunting Ranch a great place to hunt?

The ranch has 8 elevated stands each set up with an auto feeder. The feeders will activate at both the morning and evening giving the hunter a great opportunity to harvest an animal. Four of the elevated stands are two man stands. These stands are fantastic for father/mother, son/daughter hunts which will give you memories of a lifetime. They also work excellently for videoing your buddy’s hunt or you buddy videoing your hunt.

We have a comfortable bunk house that sleeps 13 with a full Kitchen and a full bathroom. The town of Nixon is 5 minutes away from the ranch.  Some businesses in town include a grocery store, hardware store, fuel station, fast food, a breakfast dinner, a BBQ restaurant and an auto parts store.  This is convenient if you need to pick up some supplies during your stay.

Available for the hunt

What does Cactus Creek Bowhunting Ranch have to offer?

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Native and Exotic Animals

Hunts of many varieties and species are available to give you an exotic and thrilling experience. We have Catalina goat, Black Bucks, Fallow Bucks, Axis Buck, Audad, and Hog hunts. Our Hog Hunts are $150 per day/per hunter with a 2-day minimum; this gives you a limit of 2 hogs per day per hunter. Everything in the hunt fee is included; there are no hidden fees, no taxes, no trophy fees, and no accommodation fees. Hurry and get your Texas bowhunting ranch booked at affordable rates. Cactus Creek Bowhunting Ranch is open to hunters of all ages, religions, sizes, and backgrounds. It’s certainly a place you’ll look back on and wish to stay just one more night.

Bow hunting seasons in Texas

Texas bow hunting game seasons vary based on the season and the animal (game). Bow hunting is a part of life in Texas, and most hunting takes place between November and January. Several seasons are available for deer hunting, such as Muzzleloader Only, Special Late Season, General Season, and Youth Only Season. Check the dates on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website before booking your stay at our ranch. It is possible to hunt in Texas at any time of year if you are considering the game, non-game, fur-bearing, exotica, and other animals that are available all time of the year.

Not just a game, bow hunting Texas.

Hunting is a part of life, as we have seen in our history. It is an art for many Texas bow hunters. It refreshes you and gives you a satisfactory feeling. The Royal Kings used to do it as a hobby, and some would do it for a living in the olden days. In this hectic and busy life, it’s always good to take a break and go archery hunting in Texas. You can go in groups with your family and friends to strengthen the bond and have some quality time together. You will come back with many memories and stories to share from the real fun in the wild.

Frequently asked 

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you do not if you are only hunting feral hogs but you will if you are hunting exotics or white tail deer. We recommend that that you consult with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service, https://tpwd.texas.gov/ before hunting.
San Antonio and Austin are both about an hour away from the ranch.
They are not but if requested in advance we may be able to provide a cook that will cook the food that you bring.
Yes there is cellular service and you can connect to the internet with you phone hot spot.
Yes, three of the stands are two man stands which work great to share a hunt with someone.


Cactus Creek Bowhunting
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